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Expanded mesh screen panels

We provide one stop shop service on consultation, design, engineering, fabrication and supply of expanded mesh screen panels. Screen panels are used to form aesthetic enclosure to various application such as generators and plant equip-ment, water tanks, bike sheds, fences etc. The application range is almost limitless yet providing the impressive architectural and visual appereance as well as retaining the natural ventilation and air flow. Explore our standard range solutions of MTX MOMENTO, LTX LONTUDO, ATX ALTUDO and UTX ULTIMO expandsed mesh screen panels in »DONWLOADS« area.

Value engineering and technical evaluations, tender specification write ups

We can review original design brief and technical parameters of the envelope design package. By understanding all relevant parameters and requirements in terms of thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, structural spanning, fire resistance performance as well as the minimum local & national legislation and construction standards, the best fit for purpose product is proposed accordingly.

Technical and commercial support, supply chain management and tendering

Continuous technical support during the initial project implementation as well as during the actual construction. This includes review of all relevant details and interfaces within the envelope package, structural spanning checks for the used products, minimizing and reducing the thermal bridging, eliminating the risks of interstitial condensation, buildability on site of the proposed details etc. Robust and cost effective solutions or alternatives are proposed and evaluated for a long life piece of mind.

Technical details, structural calculations, 3D visualization and rendering

Proposed solutions and products can be demonstrated through 3D modelling and rendering, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications. All details and interfaces are available in standard AutoCAD format, as well as in Revit and ArchiCAD BIM models. Structural spanning calculations are performed for the proposed cladding panels to ensure that correct type of product, thickness and insulation core is being used for specific application.

Structural and detail engineering of steel structures and sandwich panels envelope design

One stop shopping. With a close relationship to reliable partners, a full building package can be provided, including the structural steel calculations and shop drawings, including the fabrication and delivery to site. This is complimented with the full design and supply package of envelope cladding panels for facades and roofs, as well as all associated envelope accessories, such as doors, windows, louvers, skylights, handrails, access ladders and hatches etc. The range of projects is from the highly functional industrial type of projects, to highly architectural and outstanding mixed development and public buildings. Certain expertise is held as well for the off shore construction and special fire testing and certification including the blast resistant applications of the various cladding products.

Project and product presentation to various stakeholders and clients

Based on recognizing the needs of either individual client or project, a tailored presentation is prepared with a clear directions of proposed solutions and products to overcome the desired needs. This includes the comparison to the most alternative options available in the marketplace to ensure a neutral basis for the highly informed decisions by the relevant stakeholders. Significant part of presentation is also educational and technical part over the fire resistance performances and conditions, building’s physics conditions, buildability and construction methods, testing and certification etc.

Project management and design coordination

Initial implementation and design of the project can continue throughout the construction and execution with the same team of experienced professionals, in order to ensure that with proper understanding of the needs and constraints, with proper planning, coordination and reliable partners, the project is delivered efficiently, on time and on budget.

Key account management

Complete solution. All of the services we are involved with are provided from a single source on behalf and for a client together with a dedicated team of supply chain partners and more like colleagues. This ensures a continuous flow of information and understanding of the project needs to ensure the service and product is delivered within the schedule and budget with a holistic overview and approach to all relevant and dependant disciplines.

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